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Applications for the Siemens Open Controller

Siemens Open Controller

An open controller (not to be confused with an open-loop controller) is a control system that has multiple processors embedded into the controller itself. Because of this, open controllers are able to run both ladder logic and windows-based applications inside a singular enclosure. The consolidation of these processes allows for flexibility, giving your controller the ability to run, monitor, and access a plethora of applications. Below, we’ll address a few of the most prominent applications of a Siemens open controller in contemporary factories and discuss the advantages an open controller may offer your company in the long run.


The Siemens open controller offers a handful of distinct advantages when compared to other controllers. By combining the functions of a PC-based software controller with visualization, PC applications, and central I/Os into a single, compact device, this open controller can carry out crucial automation functions with ease. Furthermore, the open controller provides protection, allows for integrated system diagnostics, and interfaces to PROFINET. This flexibility and wide range of uses make it an invaluable facet of many modern factory environments with open controller application needs.


There are a multitude of applications that utilize open controllers in automation-based tasks. By implementing a powerful I/O system with built-in safety functions, businesses can thrive by easily integrating the open controller into current systems. Furthermore, open controllers are compatible with a wide range of ever-improving products including CPUs, interface modules, communication modules, standard I/O, power supplies, and more. 

Having the ability to perform a wide range of functions on one device simplifies and consolidates workflow for your business. Instead of running multiple functions on different devices, the open controller gives users the ability to streamline productivity, saving your business time, energy, and money.

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