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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 8, 2017 11:16:33 AM

techtop motors (1).pngWhat may seem like just another NEMA/IEC compliant motor, is actually much more. Techtop Motors designs top-grade squirrel-cage induction motors that have been fabricated according to industrial standards, for reliability, efficiency and security.

The NEMA/IEC Compliance is just one of the several features of the motor, which it excels in. Techtop’s systems meet heavy-duty IP55 standards giving it a long and reliable life. Contaminants and moisture tend to creep into industrial motors, ultimately leading to failure. However, Techtop has made sure that all seals, gaskets and drains are of primal quality so that the internal mechanism is remains isolated with the external conditions.

Techtop Motors designs and manufactures the following types of motors:

  • General Purpose Three Phase
  • Cobra Motors Three Phase
  • Pump Motors Three Phase
  • General Purpose Single Phase and Farm Duty
  • Crushed Duty Three Phase
  • Severe Duty Three Phase

In addition, spare parts and accessories are readily available, and are designed with parallel quality and precision.


Variable Frequency Drives are becoming increasingly common in industries due to their long list of applications. But, non-sinusoidal outputs such as those generated by VFDs pose a threat to motors. Techtop’s motors are therefore designed in an efficient manner to prevent overheating even at low speeds, allowing for 15:1 torque turndowns.

The stators are built with lap windings making sure that the coils are precisely placed as well as phase-insulated. As lap windings are hand wound, the inserted coils generate less stress. In addition, the VPI insulation eliminates any resin voids that could lead to degraded performance at inverter-fed voltage spikes.

Ready to Install

In consideration with the dynamic industrial requirements, Techtop Motors has made sure that the deployments and installation takes the least amount of time, with minimal compatibility issues.

The motors pack:

  • Ultra-high strength reusable lifting straps
  • 90 degrees rotatable conduit box
  • Space for drip-cover kits
  • 50/60Hz data on nameplate

Techtop has designed their motors for a wide range of applications, and as such installed removable foot configuration allowing conversion to F1, F2, F0 and round body without any hassle. The dually oversized cast iron bearing locks, face drain, inner retainer seals and rings allow mounting to take place in any position.

Rugged Construction

As stated earlier, Techtop’s motors are designed to meet the stringent IP55 requirements.

In order to comply with these rules, the motors are designed with the following:

  • Cast iron fan covers
  • Two-part epoxy finish on all surfaces
  • Stainless steel plates
  • Cast iron NPT threaded connection boxes

The motors are CSA Certified for Class I, Division II, Groups A, B, C & D. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what kind of factory or environment the motor is being installed in; it’s ready to take on all external anomalies and will perform during the harshest of times.

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