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ACD Adds TOGGLED to Its Technology Leading LED Lighting Portfolio


What is TOGGLED?

Formally known as Ilumisys, TOGGLED is a Troy, Michigan based LED lighting manufacturer.  They are focused on manufacturing, researching, and developing solid-state lighting to replace fluorescent light tubes with LEDs. TOGGLED has automated the manufacturing of commercial-grade solid-state lighting products and are a global leader in efficiency. 

TOGGLED awarded 21 new LED lighting patents in 2013.

TOGGLED has a total of 47 patents issued and more than 40 patents pending.  Why?  They are heavily invested in research and development, design, engineering, and manufacturing automation.  Their dedication to innovative fluorescent lighting alternatives has made them a competitive producer of commercial-grade LED lighting solutions. 

How can TOGGLED save you money?

TOGGLED LED lighting surpasses the fluorescent light because it does not have the ballast installation system.  Not only will you save by not having to pay for the replacement costs of the ballast system, but you will save by not having to pay labor fees added to ballast replacements.   By using these LED lights you can save up to 70% in energy costs.

What makes TOGGLED design different?

TOGGLED’s USA made products are high quality and reliable.  Its LED lighting has a 50,000 hour lifetime with a 5 year warranty, providing years of problem free operation.  Designed to be environmentally friendly, the lights are shatterproof and mercury free. 

Why are TOGGLED’s LED lights better?

Remember the buzz and flicker of the fluorescent? That annoying noise and distracting flicker are no longer a problem with the LED light.  LEDs do not take time to warm up before lighting a room, making them the perfect lighting system for cold environments.  TOGGLED’s LED lighting also increases visual acuity and has consistent color rendering which result in employee productivity and customer satisfaction. 

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