6 Ways LEDs Upgrade Efficiency for Emergency Services

Posted by Jacqueline Cannella on Jun 23, 2016 1:27:07 PM

Industrial LED Lighting Solutions for Emergency Services

Many expenses in a fire company's budget are written off as inevitable. Team members need basic utilities like electricity, but may not realize how much money a wasteful energy bill really burns. What if an LED lighting solution could cut your energy bill in half? What could your company do with a better budget?

LEDs Cut Back on the High Cost of Maintenance

If your lighting bill isn't high enough to give you pause, have you ever considered how much you are paying in maintenance? Maintenance can be much more expensive than the cost of energy itself.

Fun Fact: If LED lights are kept on 24/7, they will last for 11 years on average — if they are left on 50% of the time, these lights will last for at least 22 years!

When fire halls do keep the lights on 24/7, other factors come into play. Traditional lighting tends to overheat, filaments rust and burn out, and you know what this means… more costly replacements, more labor, more maintenance.

LED Lighting: The Long Game

This problem won’t occur with LED lighting because LEDs are not made with gases that will overheat or filaments that will break.

Instead, Light Emitting Diodes light
up from the movement of electrons across a semiconductor material, which releases light in a tone and direction determined by the design of the bulb.

Traditional lighting needs to be changed out every 2 years and the warranties are often 0-2 years, whereas LED lighting has a warranty of 7.5 years and doesn’t need to be replaced for at least 10 years.

5 More Ways LED Lighting can Benefit your Fire Company:

  1. LED lights mimic natural sunlight. Natural light will help those late shift workers stay alert and ready for a call.
  2. LEDs also turn on instantly. Emergencies don’t have time to wait for lights to warm up; LED lights reach their maximum brightness the second they are switched on in your fire hall.
  3. LED lights come in various shapes and sizes to fit every spot in you fire hall. There are even lights to keep your parking lots and outside your buildings well-lit so people feel safe and when you get a night call you won’t have trouble navigating through the parking lot.
  4. LED lighting is very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme hot and cold temperatures. Bonus: LEDs do not attract bugs for applications like parking lot and flood lighting!
  5. LED lights come in waterproof options for those areas where you wash down your fire truck or where the hose is sprayed.

Calculating Cost Savings and Claim LED Grants

Our LED Lighting Specialists have evaluated a diverse range of industrial and commercial spaces for the most efficient lighting solutions. We can analyze and present the cost savings for your fire hall in a free consultation. Find out how you can fund your LED lighting upgrade and enjoy a lower energy bill and zero maintenance for at least 10 years:

Get a Free LED Lighting Consultation »

Please visit the official OSFC Grants page to learn more about funding LED lighting for Emergency Services in Pennsylvania. ACD can help you with the grant application process!

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