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4 Trends in Industrial Automation Today


Trends are emerging in the Automation Industry as they try to become more efficient and safe.  Some commercial trends are slowly finding their way into the Automation Industry such as cloud systems and mobile devices.

Advanced Safety

Safety is an important aspect of any industry and injury is preventable with the right approach.  Now more than ever, engineers are receiving risk assessment training before designing for applications.  If engineers can foresee risk they have a better chance of being able to incorporate safety precautions into their design.  Engineers can also use facility settings and the local environment to ensure safety when machines are integrated into the factory. An example of safety design is the use of RFID tags to control access to interlock switches to make the machines safer. 

Energy Efficiency

According to, 42% of the world's electricity is consumed by factories.  Of that 42%, factory motors consume 28% of that energy. High-efficiency motors such as the electric motor could greatly increase energy savings.  The results from a global implementation of the electic motor in factories would save enough energy to power the city of Los Angeles for two years.  In order for this trend to take hold globally, machine designers would have to start building machines designed for easy retrofitting in the future.

Mobility of Information

For a while industry professional have had smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.  But, when it came to accessing plant operating information they would have to be at a workstation.  Now, apps are being developed for everything including for Industrial Automation.  With the same simple press of an on-screen icon, you can access manufacturing information from wherever you are located in the world!

Cloud Systems

This trend became popular for commercial uses alongside the boom of mobile devices.  Cloud technology is being adopted by the Industrial Automation industry because it is another way to connect everyone on one system and increase productivity without the cost of implementing onsite solutions. A great example of a cloud based product is the eWON cosy 131. This newly designed industrial router offers remote access to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field. Whether you are an OEM or System Integrator, you can troubleshoot machines remotely without going on site, saving you that valuable time to do something else. 


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