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3 Types of Safety Switches Save Lives


The dangers of electricity are frequently overlooked because of how often it is used in everyday life. If you have ever been shocked by an outlet or a lightbulb socket, it is very easy to remember how painful and frightening electricity can be. It only takes .2 amps or 200 milliamps to deliver severe burns to the body and/or stop a person’s breathing.

Also, electricity is always trying to find its way to a ground. This means that if a person touches something that is electrically “hot” with their arm, the electricity could travel through their heart. This is something that every company and every home should give their full attention to and try to avoid.

How Can a Safety Switch Help?

safety switch is a device that can detect a leakage of current in a circuit and immediately cuts off power. If a person accidently touches a “hot” wire, the safety switch detects it and stops the current flow in less than a second. They are so quick that the person wouldn’t even feel a shock from the wire. These devices have the potential to save thousands of lives and are needed to keep a home or a workplace safe.

Safety Switches in Homes and in the Workplace

Safety switches are already being implemented in many new homes but many older homes need an upgrade. Even in these new homes, they tend to be used only on power outlet circuits or light circuits. To prevent any electricity related injuries, safety switches should be implemented in all circuits of a home. This includes the power, water heating, air conditioning, lighting, and stove circuits. All of the circuits in a workplace should be protected as well. The last thing that a company wants is to have an injury or death on their hands. Accidents can be avoided if preventative measures are taken. This is true for electrical safety and mechanical.

Installing Safety Switches

When installing safety switches, we insist that you hire a trained professional. If you aren’t careful, installing these safety switches could pose the same danger that they are trying to prevent! Safety switches are relatively low priced so this would be your major expense. It is well worth it to guarantee your safety. Ask the electrician to install them in every circuit. He will know the best places to do so. Electrician fees vary depending on the size of the building and number of switches.

Different Types of Safety Switches

Switchboard Safety Switches

  • These safety switches are installed on the main switchboard. They provide selected circuit protection or protection for the entire installation.

Power Point Safety Switches

  • These safety switches are used to replace a power point. They protect a single point or a single circuit.

Portable Safety Switches

  • These safety switches are important for protecting people working with various electrical devices including power tools. They are used when there is no access to the power point safety switches or the switchboard safety switches.

Safety switches may cost some money to install but it is worth it to know that your team members are safe. Electricity is dangerous. Help eliminate this danger by investing in machine safety with safety switches.

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